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May these two young heroes RIP


Welp......today is my birthday. I turned 30 and it sucks! Lol But also today I share with you the name of my soon to be new E-Liquid line. And it is "Not too shabby" E-Liquid. Gonna try not to take ourselves too seriously ;) Hope you guys like it! Lol
A couple of engravings


V3 .50 Cal Bullet Mod Given Buh-In Award from Phil Busardo

During the holiday season, Phil Busardo gave recognition to products that he "saw something great in or they have changed the way [he has] vaped or just something special about a product that [he's] used". As he humbly states, "These are things that I thought deserved a mention."

Sharing the esteemed company of the DNA-20 and the Innokin 134, we at V3tronix are proud as all heck that the V3 .50 Cal Bullet Vape Mod was recognized for a Buh-In Award from Phil Busardo.

"This one because of what it does caught my eye, caught my eye right away. The way those seams just disappear into the device, to me is very impressive. Now I gave this to somebody to take a look at who was very into machining and when they said, 'Wow that's machined really well,' I knew that I was on the right track with this as far as the machining of this device."

We were also happy to see him with the V3 Flip as well! We (and the rest of the vaping internet, we're sure) are very excited for Phil's upcoming review of the Flip. Cannot wait!

"Wait til you see the Flip folks, this is pretty impressive too. We're gonna be taking a look at this soon enough."

Another Great Look at the V3 Flip by the VapinGreek

"I generally don't do a video on a mechanical mod by itself, but this one is unique. It has a lot of features. It definitely has some really nice aesthetic features as well."

Thank you Dimitris for bringing the internet another great look and review of the V3 Flip. His videos with Phil Busardo are pretty amusing as well.

"Aesthetics alone, I'm a sucker for good looking devices. I think they enhance the vaping experience. But also we have to pay attention to performance. I've had this device for over six weeks now, I've used it a lot to make sure that I've put it through its paces. No issues whatsoever, any battery configuration I've used or if I've used it with the Kick, it has been performing flawlessly."

"Obviously the CNC machining... excellent, deep engraving, done right. It looks fabulous. The switch, even though I'm not a fan of that long throw, no matter where I position my finger the device fires. Great contact down there, and it does have a huge surface area. No matter where I put it in my hand I'm able to fire it. It's very easy to press. The locking ring, easy to turn easy to unlock as well."

"I actually really like this device. I find it to be my go-to setup, especially with my Kayfun Lite on there. If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook where I post some of my pictures from my weekly poker setups or what I take out with me, this has definitely been in the rotation a lot of those pictures. So I've actually enjoyed using it. I highly recommend it as a mechanical mod that's very versatile. And it vapes really well."

Along with twisted420, the VapingGreek thinks the Flip is "going to be something very hard for China to replicate or to copy." We're honored to be producing unique, beautifully crafted, well-thought out and highly engineered vape mods right here in the United States. We know not everyone can afford a V3tronix device. But we're not China, so we can't make a million knock-off pieces for pennies on the dollar. Besides, that's not our interest. Instead, we focus on our strength and passion.. design innovation and unbeatable craftsmanship. Our devices go through an extensive process in order to be crafted into the exacting pieces that we send out to the world. Many many heartfelt thanks to everyone who supports our efforts at pushing the edge of vape tech and design.

Twisted420 asks the hard hitting questions about the V3tronix Flip

"Just so beautiful. Why are you so beautiful?"

This is a question man has long wrestled with. We enjoyed watching twisted420 battle with it himself when faced with the Flip. Besides, he puts together a sweet intro sequence for the Flip in his video, like the music video we've always wanted. Other points of consideration he had for the Flip...

"I gotta say, if there has been one mechanical mod that just by looking at it you can tell that there's worth there, just at a glance, [like] holy ****, that thing's gotta cost a lot of money... This is it."

"It's really really badass. It's one of the first authentics that got me thinking maybe I need to save up and get one. It's a step above."

Certainly the Flip is not the cheapest mod. But we believe the work, design, craftsmanship, innovation and quality control which we apply to the Flip (and all of our products) are evident.

"I don't think China can clone this. I just don't see it happening, not true to form and still putting it out at a reasonable price anyways... It just seems like a lot of work went into these things. It's amazing."

We're definitely aware of the trend for the Chinese to cheaply knock-off and clone cutting-edge designs. However, to keep things in perspective, the Chinese did invent the e-cigarette and is really helping to mainstream the vaping industry. So no disrespect here. Besides, at V3tronix we strive to keep looking forward, wondering what's around the next corner. We're just happy we even get to explore these things, and we're damn thankful to be blessed with our growing audience of appreciators.

"I tried to fault it and I couldn't. It's a beauty on the eyes. It's comfortable in the hand. It's quality, it's got some heft to it. It's built great... The way you can adjust everything is awesome. Everything about it is awesome."

Thank you, twisted420.

Lots of Love for the V3 Flip from Kentucky Josh

"It's a beautiful mod, such detail to it. I've spent quite a bit of time with it. I've used it constantly since I've got it. There's so much you can do with it."

Kentucky Josh (KJ) gives a beautifully thorough review of the Flip, breaking down the base and the 510 flower ring to show its individual components. He walks you through the functionality and shows you how the pieces fit together. It really helps in getting a better picture of how the Flip works. He also demonstrates his "short mode/long mode" approach to thinking about the Flip and its different battery modes/configurations. "Tick marks, nah too hard. There you go, it's not that hard. Not hard at all." We dig it. Fortunately for us, KJ likes to live dangerously..

"I have actually compared [the Flip] to quite a few different mods, and it is able to give me a better output or bigger kick, I guess you could say... What this device can do compared to the other ones is mind-blowing."

"I've done some really stupid things with this mod. Really stupid things. Things that... I'm an electrician, certified electronic technician. So we've done some really stupid testing... but I knew this mod could withstand it."

We're not prying into his business, but umm, we're sort of curious what "really stupid things" Kentucky Josh did with his Flip. Hopefully, no Flips were harmed in the making of his video (we built them pretty rugged), and by the sound of things, none were.

He also makes a great point regarding engraving of the Flip. Aside from the aesthetic appeal and owner satisfaction of engraving your Flip, it can help prevent theft, or in the unfortunate case that your Flip does get stolen, it can help identify the stolen piece much more easily.

KJ says he'll be revisiting the Flip for a secondary review in about a month's time. We're looking forward to seeing his follow-up. Thanks Kentucky Josh, for taking the time to detail the Flip as well as you have.

First Video Review of the V3tronix Flip from Yail Bloor

"Nobody else has anything like this on the market."

We appreciated how much attention Yail Bloor gave the V3 .50 Cal in his review, so we sent him our new Flip. He goes over its features, giving us his pros, cons, and neutral points in the first ever video preview of the V3tronix Flip.

"It has an incredibly unique appearance." "Everything you want in a great switch." "The engraving is fantastic." "The telescoping design is just awesome." Yes yes yes and yes. We believe there's lots to love about the Flip.

He does critique the sizing of our thread connector and base (it's a little small to twist comfortably) which we agree with. We'll be making modifications for our subsequent batches.

Yail sums things up by saying, "The guys at V3tronix take the old paradigm and they apply brilliant new ideas and just reinvent everything. Is revolutionary too strong of a word? I don't think it is."

Thanks Yail! While these are strong claims, we definitely feel like we've taken the concept of telescoping vape mods and applied our top-notch V3tronix design and engineering skills to create something new, different, and better.

Phil Busardo Tastes His Juice on the V3 .50 Cal (V2)

"There are so many impressive things."

Yay yay yay! Phil Busardo, the lovable, huggable, knowledgable teacher and learner of all things vape got his paws on the V3 .50 Cal. We've been waiting anxiously for him to review our piece for awhile now, so there was much excitement!

"It makes using some pretty basic vape gear look pretty f***n cool." (Yes, awesome!) "I love the way this looks, especially if you're a gun or a weapons enthusiast." (We agree!) "The machining on it is I think beautiful. The way those seams disappear with this makes me scratch my head and wonder how come if they can do it, how come others can't do it?" (Who knows, magic? We are magicians.)

Sadly in his original review, Phil did not have the right designer ring for his V3 .50 Cal. This caused him to actually give our beauty a thumbs down (oh noes!!). He did say if he ever got the right ring in hand, he would re-review the device. When we realized the issue, we promptly shipped out the proper ring. True to his word, Phil followed up with another review.

"This changes the 50 cal mod to a very very strong thumbs up." (All is right in the world again.) "Just real nice machining and it all looks good and works well together.. once you have the correct parts." (Sorrrrry Phil. We don't know how that happened. We do our best to double-check orders, but when the rare mistake is made, we are happy to correct it.)

Nick "GrimmGreen" Gets Uppey Closey with the V3 .50 Cal (V1)

"The machining on this mod is basically unbelievable."

The man himself, Nick "GrimmGreen", has taken a look at the V3tronix .50 Cal Vape Mod (V1). A respected voice in the industry, Nick's sweet personality makes watching his videos an easy-going experience. It feels like you're sitting down and relaxing with a friend. Care for a vape?

As with most reviewers to date, Nick compliments the machining ("One of the most precisely machined mech mods I've come across") as well as the locking mechanism ("The switch has probably one of the best locking switches that I've ever seen"). Sadly, he misplaced his mini Vivi Nova tank that ships with every V3 .50 Cal, so he wasn't able to test the .50 Cal in Bullet Mode. Also, he had trouble with his designer ring (he put it in upside down) and subsequently was not able to connect certain larger tanks in Short Mode.

Nick has been alerted to the oversight by us, as well as a few astute commentors on his website (yay Team Tronix!). He has since posted a review addendum making note of the corrections ("I was very very wrong about that." "It just looks perfect, like it should"). Thanks Nick for giving the V3 .50 Cal a lookey feeley!

Yail Bloor Video Hands On with the V3 .50 Cal Stainless Steel

"I'm a gun nut. I had to have it. And I was not let down."

From the very first moments of Yail Bloor's detailed half-hour review of the V3tronix .50 Cal Vape Mod, you can tell the guy is passionate about what he does. He gives the V3 .50 Cal the most complete breakdown of any reviewer we've come across to date, examining everything from the build, to looking at its unique and innovative features, to giving a breakdown of the different tanks he's used in the .50 Cal's most stylish Full Bullet form. Because as he says, "Lets face it.. if you have any interest in buying this device or if you own this device, you bought it because it looks like a bullet."

We love the fact that he looks at practically every last bit of design and engineering we've applied to the device. We're even more pleased knowing that a few of the niggling issues he came across, we have already anticipated and re-engineered in our V2 device (height-adjustable battery and tank contacts, ftw). Finally, what's most impressive is that he spent his own hard-earned dollars purchasing the device for review. It had to deliver, or this man was gonna feel cheated.

Fortunately, in his words... "It works excellent. It's never failed to make a connection. It's never misfired. The airflow is absolutely genius." "Not only is it really cool looking, it's very very well made and very well working." Thank you Yail for the review and the praise. We are proud as hell to be part of your collection.